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100% Recycled Frames

See a better world

Better Products. Better Experience. Better for the Environment.

Better Product

Timeless design. Durable. Non-Standardized Tested. Life Time Warranty.

We strive to design and build the very long-lasting sunglasses for you. To enhance your daily adventures, your morning fishing trip, your daily runs, your weekend hikings.

See a better world with 2NU, we are looking forward to you joining us.

Better Experience

We build our product to be durable. Adventure proof. We put extra effort to invent an exclusive and industry-leading Sea Water Resistance Coating. From now on, you can experience your adventures without worrying about damaging your sunglasses anymore.

Better for the Environment

You break your sunglasses. We repair them. Life time warranty. Instead of throwing them into the bin, why not giving it a second life while we can? Our life time warranty gets it covered. We are also changing to deploy recycled materials for the sunglasses frame. Join us and love the nature together.

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