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100% Recycled Frames

Limited Edition - #RunThePeg100 Sunglasses


#RunThePeg100 100公里慈善超級馬拉松

移居加拿大Winnipeg的香港市民跑手Jeff Cheung將會於今年7月16日連同他的團隊環繞Winnipeg跑一圈,全長100公里,為Siloam Mission籌款。Siloam Mission多年來為Winnipeg的無家者提供膳食、床位、醫療及重返正常生活的訓練。

為表支持,我哋推出左呢款限量100副#runthepeg100別注版太陽眼鏡,所有生產成本由本公司負責,收益將不會扣除任何成本全數撥捐Siloam Mission,為Jeff Cheung打氣,同時為世界另一角落有需要嘅朋友提供援助。

點解#runthepeg100別注版太陽眼鏡售價$350仲便過普通版?因為想購買嘅朋友自由決定將折扣慳落嘅錢捐去俾Siloam Mission呀!捐款連結


UV Protection

Our lenses are certified by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) for exceeding all industry standards. With UV 400 protection, these lenses safeguard your eyes not only from UVA and UVB rays but also from HEV (blue light).

TrueView Optics™

See the world in greater detail with 2NU Sunglasses' color and contrast enhancement technology. To explore various lens effects, please refer to our lens guide.

Sea Water Resistance Coating

Unleash the power of TrueView Optics Lenses, which boast a seawater resistance coating to shield against erosion and impact, while enhancing color contrast for a superior visual experience.

GRIPLOCK™ design

Experience a superior level of secure fit like never before! These sunglasses will remain firmly on your face, even during intense sweating, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging, running, hiking, sailing, and more.

Ready to adventure boldly without fear of breaking your sunglasses?

We've got it covered - LIFETIME WARRANTY

Whether your sunglasses break or you accidentally damage them, we will provide free repairs for your covered sunglasses. More information can
be found here...

Carbon Neutrality

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations to achieve Carbon Neutrality, 2NU Sunglasses is committed to going even further by becoming Carbon Negative. We are proud to partner with Tree-Nationto plant a tree for every product sold, helping to create a positive impact on the environment.


Ultra Light

GripLock™ Screwless Hinge

Certified Impact Resistance

Lifetime Warranty

TrueView Optics™ Lens

Sea Water Resistance Coating

UV400 Protection