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100% Recycled Frames

HALO™ - Replacement Lens

Lens Color
Sky Blue TVO
Fire Orange TVO
Sun Gold TVO
Pearly Purple TVO
Neon Green TVO
Deep Sea Blue TVO
Champagne TVO
Smoke TVO
Polarized Lens

Even though our lifetime warranty doesn't cover the lenses, you can still keep your HALO™ sunglasses looking as good as new by purchasing affordable replacement lenses. These specially designed lenses are a breeze to install and will help you enjoy the same level of protection and crystal-clear vision that you've come to love from our product. So don't worry, with replacement lenses for your HALO™ sunglasses, you'll be seeing the world in style for years to come!

TrueView Optics™

See the world in greater detail with 2NU Sunglasses' color and contrast enhancement technology. To explore various lens effects, please refer to our lens guide.