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WHAT is causing the PEELING OFF of the COATING on SUNGLASSES?!

Sweat and seawater are usually able to affect the coating on sunglasses. Even those marketed as sport performance sunglasses, they will remain vulnerable to corrosion if they lack the capability to do so effectively.

Exclusive Seawater Resistance Performance Sunglasses

Our exclusive technology, the 2nu Seawater Resistance Coating, is designed to combat the harsh environments of sweat and seawater. Whether it's sweat from your thrilling adventures or seawater from your next open water trip, our sunglasses' coating will remain strong to provide the durability you need. Our in-house testing demonstrates that it can withstand a seawater environment for up to one week without any corrosion.

Metonic™ Coating

Seawater & Sweat Resistance


TrueView Optics™ Grade