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Traditionally, there are 2 ways to hold an eyewear. on your face. One is by hooking them on the back of your ears. 

Positioning your eyewear is good with this method. However, it relies on your nose to hold it. And it will slide down your nose when you are sweating, especially when you are under strong sunshine, or your nose/ears get oily

Another way is to bend the temples (arms) of your eyewear. It holds very well on your face. However, it may gets uncomfortable or you may feel painful after using it for couple hours. Most of the sport sunglasses out there utilize this design.

So, why not both?

Our Fancy II™ & HALO™ combine both hooking and bending while we design them. These two signature designs take the advantage of positioning and holding well on your face. The frame will never slide down your nose. And you will feel very comfortable even using them for a long time!