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    We emphasize our products being made of high quality materials, and to turn our confidence into commitment, we are happy to offer you LIFE TIME WARRANTY for our FANCY II™ and HALO™ frames.

    No matter if they break or you break them, we will repair your FANCY II™/HALO™ free of charge.

    You may send the parcel to us. The logistics costs associated are the responsibility of the customer. You can ship with the carrier of your choice. 

    Please note that lens scratches are not covered by LIFE TME WARRANTY. You can purchase replacement lenses through the following links:

    We have been doing our best to make the lenses as scratch-resistance as possible, however, some scratching may occur and accidents do happen. For this reason we provide a microfiber pouch with your sunglasses and recommend you keep them safely inside the this pouch whenever you are not wearing them.

    For any questions, please contact us at