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Computer Glasses - Kids

Frame Color
Matte Black
Matte Clear
Matte Blue
Matte Pink
  • GRIPLOCK™ design - Fit extremely well like you never experience before! It will not slide down your nose even when you sweat like crazy.
  • The frame material is TR90 frame - which means - durable and light!
  • Lenses are made in Hong Kong - block 100% of UV and approximately 35% of the HEV (Blue Light), good enough to filter out the bad HEV and keep the lenses as clear as possible! 
  • Unisex - Size: Front 13.5 cm, Height 4.5 cm, Arms 13 cm


  • GRIPLOCK™設計 - 一副唔會瀡落嚟嘅眼鏡框。無論你鼻樑有幾低,或者你做緊運動,流晒大汗,副眼鏡都唔會瀡落嚟,非常舒服。
  • 鏡框物料採用TR90,係一種用嚟做運動眼鏡嘅物料,輕得來又耐用。
  • 香港製造鏡片,能阻擋100%紫外線及約35%藍光,提供足夠保護得嚟鏡片又唔會太黃。
  • 中性款,框闊13.5cm, 框高4.5cm, 框腳13cm