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Computer Glasses - Kids (with Spring Hinge)

  • Spring Hinge
  • The frame material is TR90 frame - which means - durable and light!
  • Lenses are made in Hong Kong - block 100% of UV and approximately 35% of the HEV (Blue Light), good enough to filter out the bad HEV and keep the lenses as clear as possible! 
  • Unisex - Size: Front 14cm


  • 彈弓鉸設計, 非常舒服。
  • 鏡框物料採用TR90,係一種用嚟做運動眼鏡嘅物料,輕得來又耐用。
  • 香港製造鏡片,能阻擋100%紫外線及約35%藍光,提供足夠保護得嚟鏡片又唔會太黃。
  • 中性款,框闊14cm

TVO™ (TrueView Optics)

2NU TVO™ (TrueView Optics) 光學級鏡片,注重清晰、銳利及準確的視覺及安全性能及表現。鏡片不但為用家提供更真實清晰的視野,同時了解鏡片於各種運動的耐用性要求,配合獨有Diamond-8™鍍膜,鏡片有效提供防海水/防侵蝕/防撞擊。2NU TVO™光學鏡片更達到澳洲國家防輻射及核安全協會測試標準。


2NU TVO™光學鏡片能阻擋從太陽發出的100%紫外線波長,鏡框方面選用了TR90材質,耐用堅固而且保持一定的柔韌性,配合永久保養,用家完全無後顧之憂。

2NU TVO™ (TrueView Optics) optical grade lenses, focusing on clear, sharp and accurate vision and safety performance. The lens not only provides users with a more realistic and clear vision, but also understands the durability requirements of the lens for various sports. With our exclusive Diamond-8™ Coating, the lens provides Sea Water Resistance / Erosion Resistance / Impact Resistance. 2NU TVO™ optical lenses have even reached the Australian National Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Association testing standards.

We especially recommend our exclusive Sea Water Resistance technology. Although there is no anti-sea water test in the industry, we conducted an in-house non-standard test. After immersing the lens in sea water for 14 days, the coating of the lens was not damaged, and there was no "Coating Peeling/Erosion" or "Bubbling" situation at all. Especially suitable for water sports lovers.

2NU TVO™ optical lens can block 100% of the ultraviolet wavelength emitted from the core of the sun. The frame is made of TR90 material, not only which is durable, but also maintains a certain degree of flexibility for comfort. With our Life Time Warranty, you should have no worries in using at all!