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Home Try On Ticket

This is a deposit for Home Try On. The Try-On Service is totally free. This security deposit will be voided when you return the sunglasses on time. Enjoy!

- Choose 3 pairs of glasses you want to try and checkout with our Home Try-On Ticket in the shopping cart

- Pay the security deposit of HKD$300 at Checkout. Don't worry! We will not capture the security deposit, and it will be voided when you return the glasses to us on time. Please also don't mind, bandits know where to hunt

- The parcel will be sent to a HK Post Office at your choice

- Try them on for up to 5 days, ask your friends and see which one you like

- After trying, use our pre-prepared mailing label to send back to us at any Post Office

這是Home Try-On的按金。試用服務是完全免費的。當你按時歸還太陽鏡,這筆按金將作廢

- 使用Home Try-On Ticket連同你想試戴的3副眼鏡一同結帳

- 於結帳時支付港幣$300的保證金。不用擔心!當您準時將眼鏡退還給我們時,保證金將作廢,也請勿介意,我們也要適度保障自己

- 可以選擇將包裹郵寄到你指定的香港郵政局

- 最多試用5天 ,試用時間會在你收到眼鏡時才開始計算

- 試完後,請使用我們預先準備的郵寄標籤將其送回任何郵局寄出