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    Frame Color
    Matte Grey
    Matte Blue
    Matte Black
    Lens Color
    Fire Purple TVO Polarized
    Sky Blue TVO Polarized
    Sun Gold TVO Polarized
    Neon Green TVO Polarized
    Visual Effect (Green/Grey)

    Visual Effect (Brown)

    Visual Effect (Green/Grey)

    Visual Effect (Red)
    • GRIPLOCK™ design - Fit extremely well like you never experience before! It will not slide down your nose even when you sweat like crazy. Suitable for jogging, running, hiking, sailing, or any other outdoor activities.
    • The frame material is TR90 frame - which means - durable and light!
    • Ever worrying about breaking your sunglasses? Our Ovo™ is covered by LIFE TIME WARRANTY
    • Exceed all standards, our lenses provide UV 420 protection - other than UVA, UVB, it also provide protection from HEV (blue light)
    • Sea Water Resistance coating and color contrast enhancer on our TrueView Optics (TVO) Lenses
    • Screwless Design
    • Unisex - Size: Front 15 cm, Height 5 cm, Arms 14 cm
    • GRIPLOCK™ 設計 - 一副唔會瀡落嚟嘅眼鏡框。無論你鼻樑有幾低,或者你做緊運動,流晒大汗,副眼鏡都唔會瀡落嚟,非常舒服
    • 鏡框物料採用TR90,係一種用嚟做運動眼鏡嘅物料,輕得來又耐用
    • 鏡框有 永久保養 !
    • UV420保護,除左一般UVA, UV, 更可擋去30%HEV(即藍光)
    • TrueView Optics (TVO) 鏡片均有防海鍍膜及對比度增強
    • 無螺絲鉸位設計
    • 中性款,框闊15cm