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    TVO on FANCY II™

    Frame Color
    Matte Clear
    Matte Black
    Lens Color
    Neon Purple TVO
    Royal Blue TVO
    Fire Red TVO
    Visual Effect (Green)
    Visual Effect (Brown)
    Visual Effect (Blue)
    • GRIPLOCK™ design - Fit extremely well like you never experience before! It will not slide down your nose even when you sweat like crazy. Suitable for jogging, running, hiking, sailing, or any other outdoor activities.
    • The frame material is TR90 frame - which means - durable and light!
    • Ever worrying about breaking your sunglasses? Our FANCY II™ is covered by LIFE TIME WARRANTY
    • 2NU HD TrueViewOptics Lenses - Exceed all standards, our lenses provide UV 420 protection - other than UVA, UVB, it also provide protection from HEV (blue light) 
    • Unisex - Size: Front 14 cm, Height 5 cm, Arms 14 cm

    What is 2NU HD TrueViewOptics Lenses?