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  • RAINBOW™ 系列太陽鏡是我們的旗艦型號 - FANCY II™ 的翻版,但專為兒童設計。
  • GRIPLOCK™ 設計- 非常合身,從未體驗過!即使你瘋狂出汗,它也不會滑落你的鼻子.適合慢跑、跑步、遠足、帆船或任何其他戶外活動。
  • 框架材質為 TR90 框架 - 這意味著 - 耐用且輕便!
  • 超出所有標準,我們的鏡片提供 400 紫外線防護防護 - 除了 UVA、UVB,它還提供 HEV 防護(藍光
  • 男女通用 - 尺寸:前 13.5 厘米,高 4.5 厘米,鏡腿 13 厘米
  • 適合 3-9 歲左右的兒童 - 供一般參考。










    Buy Kid's Sunglasses Online

    Buying kid's sunglasses online is a fast, convenient way to browse an extensive range of sunglasses. You can't go wrong with so many styles and colors to choose from. In addition, buy kid's sunglasses online also means you don't have to worry about sizing. You can rely on our lifetime warranty sunglasses policy that covers any manufacturing defects or poor craft on your sunglasses. Whether it's just for fun or if you're looking for something more serious, we've got something for everyone at 2nusunglasses!

    Carbon Neutrality

    We are committed to cutting the carbon footprint of our operations, including but not limited to sourcing materials, manufacturing process, packaging, and logistics.

    Your One-Stop Shop For Eco-Friendly And Stylish Kid's Sunglasses

    If you're looking for cute, stylish, eco-friendly kid's sunglasses that will make your little ones look even cuter, it's hard to do better than 2nusunglasses. Since our entire inventory is made from Sunglasses from recycled plastic, not only will your kids love these fun shades, you'll love that these shades are taking the trash off the streets and helping to keep our planet green.

    GRIPLOCK™ design

    Stay and hold on your face extremely well like you never experience before! It will not slide down your nose even when you sweat like crazy. Suitable for jogging, running, hiking, sailing, or any other outdoor activities.

    Shop All Kid's Sunglasses

    Whether you're looking to protect your child's eyes from the bright sun or are looking for designer sunglasses for your teenager to wear, we have a huge selection of quality kid's sunglasses. Please browse our site today! We carry everything from classic aviators to retro styles like cat eyes, wayfarers, and more. If you're not sure what kind of look you want, check out some of our bestsellers.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    The needs of kids and adults are different. Our products are some of your best bets if you're looking for kid's sunglasses. Here's why:

    UV Protecion

    Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) certified lenses- Exceed all standards, our lenses provide UV 400 protection - other than UVA, UVB, it also provide protection from HEV (blue light


    Ultra Light ~ 28 grams

    GripLock™ Screwless Hinge

    Certified Impact Resistance

    TrueView Optics™ Lens

    UV400 Protection